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the most comprehensive website for bikers and other adventurers traveling Route 66
The founder of has been traveling Route 66 for over 20 years. He has seen it fade away bit by bit. Once-famous sites have disappeared. Once-prosperous towns with dozens of thriving motels and restaurants are run down, empty or gone. Ironically, the creeping disappearance of Route 66 has added to its mystique as folks from all over the world with a nostalgic bent determine to explore it before it disappears all together.

But much remains. There are many relics and ghost towns. But there also are towns that remain proud of their Route 66 heritage, and many well preserved gems still give a glimpse of what traveling the Mother Road was like in its heyday. We are going to help you find them.

Route 66 no longer exists as an official US highway, and it can be hard to find. There are many web sites and books about the history of Route 66 with maps that can help you find what's left of it and tell you about the lost and still-existing sites you will find along the way. provides all of those things and a whole lot more for bikers and explorers who want a bit more excitement than traditional travelers:
  • Turn-by-turn directions with maps going both east and west.
  • Biker friendly bars, restaurants, motels and campgrounds.
  • Route 66 motorcycle shops.
  • The closest motorcycle shop to each Route 66 town.
  • Motorcycle rallies along Route 66.
  • Route 66 casinos
  • A listing of motorcycles clubs along Route 66.
  • A link that will allow you to tell us about biker bars, motorcycle shops, motorcycle club news, rallies and other events along Route 66, as well as the rip offs that should be avoided.
  • Helmet and other motorcycle laws for each state through which Route 66 passes.
So, have fun with, and enjoy your journey across the heartland of America!
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